Our Products

Solar Lanterns

SBIPPL Solar Lantern is a portable light, a handy source of light ideal for usage in both indoor and outdoor applications. The solar Lantern System consists of a solar Module, sealed maintenance free battery, charge controller, inverter and a compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) of Light Emitting Diode(LED).

Solar Home Lighting System

It is designed & integrated with micro-controller based intelligent electronics to provide most efficient LED lighting & to take out maximum power from solar panel and to manage battery charge & discharge cycle for longer life. SBIPPL can be placed anywhere regardless of local power & wiring. Box contains solar module, Controller, fixtures to install solar panels, lights & easy to understand installation & trouble shooting guide. Available in various models equipped with varied features

Solar Street Lighting System

SBIPPL is designed to provide a cost effective, standalone solution for different lightning requirements like street lighting, boundary / fencing lighting, Garden Light, yard-lighting, path lighting.etc. These consists of Solar Panel, Microcontroller based intelligent electronics for battery charging & auto control for light operation & best efficiency, CFL / LED lamps and high quality batteries. These are environment friendly & can also be located anywhere regardless of local power without any kind of wiring.

Our Solutions

SBIP Off-Grid and Grid-Tie Solar Power Solutions

SBIPPL with its highly experienced team of solar engineers had been working on providing solar power solutions to various Remote Sites round the globe and assures and achieves the faster Return of Investment. It can cater to any Standalone or Hybrid Solution with one or two alternate source of energy. SBIPPL design assures with its solar power solutions to install and operate equipments at Isolated locations often at fraction of total cost of ownership associated with Diesel Generator. Our solar power solutions offer a new level of freedom and convenience.

Solar Water Pumping System

SBIPPL has developed solutions for water pumping practical & environmental concerns. These solutions are based on solar electricity which is clean, does not have any moving parts so very reliable, scalable & the beauty is that it is applicable for old & new installations as well also system can be switched to grid electricity when sun light is not there.

Solar Inverters

Solar Energy, offers the best alternative energy solution. The freely and abundantly available light from the SUN can be utilized as Photovoltaic Energy and high technology processes. Solar Inverter is cost effective and easy to install. It has potential to cater the growing needs of the power.


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